Licensing ModeΒΆ

In this section you can choose one of the two licensing modes: Full or Trial.

In the Full mode you get unrestricted access to the full functionality of CS-Cart or Multi-Vendor. To enable this mode you must enter the license number that you’ll get when you buy CS-Cart or Multi-Vendor at the official website. You can switch to the full mode any time by entering a valid license number on the Licensing mode page.

The Trial mode also has no functionality limitations. You can download CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor from the official site and use the trial mode for free. However, you can use it only once and only for 30 days. After that you’ll be asked to enter the license number when you try to open the Administration panel. Once you do that, you’ll be able to use the software in the full mode and without losing the data accumulated while the store was running in the trial mode.