This section of the settings is not available in Multi-Vendor, but only in CS-Cart.

Use these settings to adjust the configuration of the multiple-storefront feature of your CS-Cart installation.

  • Share users among stores—if you enable this setting, the store will use a joint customer database where customer accounts are shared among all stores. Otherwise, each store has a separate customer base.

  • Default state of the “Update for all stores” icon—determines if the values of store-specific settings are available for immediate editing in the root administrator mode. If you set it to Active, you’ll be able to edit store-specific settings immediately. If you set it to Not Active, then the settings will be protected from unintended editing.


    Editing a store-specific setting in the root administrator mode will update (overwrite) the value of that setting for all stores. We recommended that you protect store-specific options from unintended editing.