How To: Create a New Storefront


This article applies only to CS-Cart, not Multi-Vendor.

  1. Go to the Administration panel of your CS-Cart installation.
  2. Make sure to select All stores in the store selector.
Select "All stores" to switch to the root administrator mode.
  1. Go to Administration → Stores and click the + button to open the storefront creation form.
  2. If you already have storefronts, you can copy or share objects from one of them for the new storefront.
Copy or share objects from your existing stores, if you want..
  1. Specify the properties of the new storefront.
  2. Click Create and close to create the new storefront and close the form.


To manage multiple storefronts with one administration panel, purchase additional storefront licenses or specify the desired number of storefronts when you buy a CS-Cart license. Starting with version 4.4.2, there is also CS-Cart Ultimate, which offers an unlimited number of storefronts.