Adapt Your Add-ons and Themes to CS-Cart 4.10.2

Common Changes

A new field runtime.is_restoring_cart_from_backend was added. The Registry class uses it for all situations of restoring cart content when going from backend to frontend. It accepts only the true value.

Hook Changes

New Hooks

This hook is executed before the user data is updated at checkout. It allows you to modify the user data:

fn_set_hook('checkout_update_steps_before_update_user_data', $cart, $auth, $params, $user_id, $user_data);

Core Functions

New Functions

Copy the values for empty location fields in the specified section from the secondary section:

\Tygh\Location\Manager::fillEmptyLocationFields(array $array, $primary_section)

Changed Functions

  1. // Old:
    \Tygh\Location\Manager::storeLocation($update_profile = false)
    // New:
  2. // Old:
    \Tygh\Location\Manager::setLocationFromUserData(array $user_data, $update_profile = false)
    // New:
    \Tygh\Location\Manager::setLocationFromUserData(array $user_data)
  3. // Old:
    fn_checkout_set_cart_profile_id(&$cart, $profile_id)
    // New:
    fn_checkout_set_cart_profile_id(&$cart, $auth, $profile_id)
  4. // Old:
    \Tygh\Location\Manager::getLocationField($array, $field, $default_value = null)
    // New:
    \Tygh\Location\Manager::getLocationField(($array, $field, $default_value = null, $primary_section = SHIPPING_ADDRESS_PREFIX)