Adapt Your Add-ons and Themes to CS-Cart 4.7.2

Hook Changes

New Hooks

  1. This hook is executed after the tags are deleted from the database by their numeric identifiers:

    fn_set_hook('delete_tags_post', $tag_ids);
  2. This hook is executed after the tags are deleted by the specified parameters:

    fn_set_hook('delete_tags_by_params_post', $params);
  3. This hook is executed after the data of the tags has been updated:

    fn_set_hook('update_tags_post', $tags_data, $for_all_companies);
  4. This hook is executed during the processing of fields of an export/import pattern:

    fn_set_hook('exim_get_pattern_definition_export_fields', $pattern_id, $get_for, $extra, $field_id, $field_data, $schema);
  5. This hook is executed right before the queries for deleting an option are run:

    fn_set_hook('delete_product_option_before_delete', $option_id, $pid, $product_id, $product_link, $can_continue);
  6. This hook is executed after objects have been imported into a store:

    fn_set_hook('import_post', $pattern, $import_data, $options, $result, $processed_data);

Core Functions

New Functions

  1. Get product variation identifiers:

  2. Check if the configurable product has variations:

  3. Get the product data for the product variations:

    fn_google_export_get_product_variation_data($product, $product_options)
  4. Get the company ID of the vendor whose content is being viewed:


New Functions Specific to Russian Version

  1. Check if the product’s offer type is apparel: Tygh\Ym\Yml2::isApparelProduct
  2. Get the offer type for product:: Tygh\Ym\Offers\Base::getOfferType

Changed Functions

  1. // old:
    function fn_exim_get_pattern_definition($pattern_id, $get_for = '')
    // new:
    function fn_exim_get_pattern_definition($pattern_id, $get_for = '', $extra = array())
  2. // old:
    function fn_get_files_dir_path()
    // new:
    function fn_get_files_dir_path($company_id = null)
  3. // old:
    function fn_get_public_files_path()
    // new:
    function fn_get_public_files_path($company_id = null)
  4. // old:
    function fn_exim_import_images($prefix, $image_file, $detailed_file, $position, $type, $object_id, $object)
    // new:
    function fn_exim_import_images($prefix, $image_file, $detailed_file, $position, $type, $object_id, $object, $import_options = null)

New Classes

  1. \Tygh\Enum\ImagePairTypes — enumeration of image types.