Adapt Your Add-ons and Themes to CS-Cart 4.7.3

Hook Changes

New Hooks

This hook allows to change message parameters before creating the message object instance:

fn_mve_mailer_create_message_before($mailer, $message, $area, $lang_code, $transport, $builder)

Changed Hooks

fn_set_hook('send_mail_pre', $transport, $message, $area, $lang_code); is now deprecated and will be removed in version 5.x.x. Use mailer_create_message_before instead.

Core Functions

New Functions

Obfuscate sensitive data (card number and CVC/CVV2) in the payment information of orders:

fn_batch_cleanup_payment_info(array $params = array())

Changed Functions Specific to Russian Version

// old:
\Tygh\Commerceml\RusEximCommerceml::setDataProductByOptions($product_id, $product_options, &$external_id, &$product_name)

// new:
\Tygh\Commerceml\RusEximCommerceml::setDataProductByOptions(&$product_id, $product_options, &$external_id, &$product_name)