Adapt Your Add-ons and Themes to CS-Cart 4.8.2

Hook Changes

New Hooks

  1. This hook allows to change the console command:

    fn_set_hook('fn_get_console_command', $prefix, $script, $args, $cmd)
  2. This hook allows you to modify the parameters of exported products:

    fn_set_hook('data_feeds_export_before_get_products', $datafeed_data, $pattern, $params)

Changed Hooks

  1. // Old:
    fn_set_hook('clone_product_options_post', $from_product_id, $to_product_id, $from_global_option_id);
    // New:
    fn_set_hook('clone_product_options_post', $from_product_id, $to_product_id, $from_global_option_id, $change_options, $change_variants);
  2. // Old:
    fn_set_hook('generate_thumbnail_post', $th_filename, $lazy);
    // New:
    fn_set_hook('generate_thumbnail_post', $th_filename, $lazy, $image_path, $width, $height);

Core Functions

New Functions

  1. Provides the command for running a controller:

    function fn_get_console_command($prefix, $script, $args)
  2. Get statistics for database tables:

    function fn_get_stats_tables()

Changed Functions

  1. // Old:
    function fn_rma_update_order_taxes(&$taxes_list, $item_id, $old_amount, $new_amount, &$current_order)
    // New:
    function fn_rma_update_order_taxes(&$taxes_list, $item_id, $old_amount, $new_amount, &$current_order, $price = null, array $original_order = null)
  2. // Old:
    function fn_find_file($prefix, $file)
    // New:
    function fn_find_file($prefix, $file, $company_id = null)

New Functions Specific to Russian Version

Return the stored customer location from the shipping estimation request or from the cart user data:

fn_rus_cities_get_location_from_session($stored_location = false, $customer_loc = true, $user_data = true)