How To: Install CS-Cart with Softaculous


CS-Cart is no longer available on Softaculous. Please return to the main page of the section.

Softaculous App Installer is a tool that makes installation of web applications much easier. It creates databases, uploads the necessary files to your server and sets the right permissions for the files.

Softaculous can install CS-Cart for you. It works with virtual hosts and dedicated servers. All you need to do is fill in a form or two to provide the necessary information.

First, check if Softaculous is installed on your server. Log into your control panel and look for Softaculous Apps Installer. For example, in cPanel it is in the Software section.

Some hosts may have Softaculous App Installer as a separate section in the control panel, while others may not include it at all. If you found Softaculous, use Way 1; if you couldn’t find it, use Way 2.


You need FTP or SSH access to your server. Contact your hosting provider for more details. To learn about FTP access in cPanel go to Files → FTP Accounts and click Configure.