How To: Sort Products in a Category by PositionΒΆ

By default, products in categories are sorted by alphabet. However, you can change the order in which the products appear in categories. To do that, you’ll need to specify positions for products.

  1. In the Administration panel, go to Products β†’ Categories.

  2. Each category has the Products column that displays the number of products in that category. Click on the number in the category where you’d like to sort products.

    List of the product categories
  3. A new page with the list of products will open. Specify the positions for products.

    Products of the category
  4. Click the Save button in the upper right part of the page.


    The defined positions affect sorting only if the Sort by Position: Low To High or Sort by Position: High To Low sorting is selected for the product list page on the storefront.

    You can make Sort by Position: Low To High or Sort by Position: High To Low the default sorting that will be used when a visitor opens a category page. To do it, go to Settings β†’ General β†’ Appearance and choose this sorting from the Product list default sorting drop-down list. Make sure that these sortings are selected as the Available product list sortings.