Image Verification


Starting with version 4.5.1, this section of settings no longer exists. Please use the Google reCaptcha add-on for anti-bot protection.

Image verification is used to ensure that forms in your store are completed by humans, not automated systems. This allows you to avoid lots of spam and fake user accounts. You can adjust parameters of verification images as well as specify when image verification is required.

Use For

Here you should specify forms for which image verification is required.

  • Login form
  • Create and edit profile form
  • Checkout (user information) form
  • Track my order form
  • Send to friend form
  • Call request and buy now with one click form
  • Custom forms
  • Comments and reviews forms

Other parameters

  • Image width—the width of a verification image.
  • Image height—the height of a verification image.
  • String length—the number of characters in an image.
  • Number of grid lines—the number of grid lines in an image.
  • Grid color—the color of grid lines in an image (hexadecimal code).
  • Minimum font size—the minimum font size of characters in an image.
  • Maximum font size—the maximum font size of characters in an image.
  • String type—the type of characters to appear in a string (digits, letters, or both).
  • Character shadows—if you enable this setting, characters will be displayed with shadows.
  • Color—if you enable this setting, characters will be displayed in color.
  • Background image—the image that is used as a background for a verification image. This field must contain a relative path to the graphic file with the image.
  • Do not use verification if user is logged in—if you enable this setting, customers who have logged in to the store won’t have to pass anti-bot validation.
  • Do not use verification after first valid answer—if you enable this setting, store visitors will only have to pass anti-bot validation once.