About our support

Hi! We are glad to know that you are interested in purchasing (if not already purchased) our products. We are doing our best for you by creating add-ons, and we really like it. Furthermore, we want our add-ons to be useful to you. It’s quite common for every one of us to ask ourselves “How does it work?” or “What should I do next?” about some new and unfamiliar things. For this very reason, we created the Support Center. It aims to cover such kinds of questions about our add-ons. It is based on the experience of our managers and developers, and on real cases of our clients. If you have a question about any of our add-ons, welcome, the answer is waiting for you here.

Free queries for consultation include

  • Advisory questions on add-ons that do not require individual verification at the customer’s store
  • Response to the inquiry within 3-5 business days
  • Documentation, instructions, and descriptions for the add-ons

If you report a bug

  • Add a full description of the misconduct, screenshots and step-by-step explanation of how it can be recreated on default software
  • Creating a service request for verification, 3-5 days
  • If the problem is reproduced on the default installation, a task is created in the backlog, for investigation. All improvements are made according to prioritization.
  • If the problem can’t be recreated, an additional customer’s store check will be required. This will be done as part of an incident or subscription to Technical Support.

Refund Conditions:

  • You have the unconditional right to claim and receive a full refund for the add-ons within 30 days following the day of your purchase.
  • No refund will be available after this refund period is over.
  • Any purchase of add-ons at a discount price is non-refundable (except the cases when the add-ons are purchased within the Loyalty program).
  • The cost of the installation service is non-refundable.