CS-Cart 4.0.3 Changelog

New Features and Improvements

[+] Ability to manage Currencies (Create/Edit/Delete) added for all currencies in the Free mode.

[+] Ability to manage Languages (Install/Edit/Delete) added for all languages in the Free mode.

[+] Addons: Bestsellers: New filling “On sale” (all products with active discounts) added for the Products block.

[+] Addons: SEO: Pre and post hooks added to the functions fn_create_seo_name, fn_seo_get_name, and fn_delete_seo_name.

[+] Captcha: Captcha TTL (Time To Live) set to 6 hours.

[+] Core: Hooks: Products: The image_wrap hook was added to the quick view template.

[+] Core: Hooks: the tools_list hook added.

[+] Design: Storefront: Unique class names added for product options on the product page.

[+] Design: Theme Editor: Ability to add background images for all elements in the backgrounds section added.

[+] Design: The new ‘Reddish’ storefront theme preset added.

[+] Multi-Vendor: Addons: Catalog mode: The “Enable Catalog Mode” checkbox removed from the vendor settings page.

[+] Shipping methods: USPS: New parameter “All” was added to the MailType list.

Functionality Changes

[*] Addons: Hybrid Auth: The Hybrid Auth lib updated to version 2.1.2 to suite the latest Twitter and Google API changes.

[*] API: DELETE: Response code for the DELETE method called twice for the same object set to 404.

[*] Categories: Ability to set images for categories restored.

[*] Database: Restore: The backup creation date field added.

[*] Export/import: Product option combinations: The ability to define product option delimiter added.

[*] Installation: Ability to assign Internationalized Domain Names per storefront added.

[*] Payments: Amazon checkout: The euro and British pound currencies support added.

[*] Payments: Paypal: The Russian ruble currency support added.


[!] Addons: Affiliate: The profile fields settings did not work. Fixed.

[!] Addons: Data feed: Secure (HTTPS) URLs were used for image links. Fixed.

[!] Addons: Discussion: Review status did not change when multiple products were edited. Fixed.

[!] Addons: Form builder: Email: Multi-line messages were formatted incorrectly. Fixed.

[!] Addons: Image zoom: Pre-loading indicator image changed.

[!] Addons: MYOB: Order data were not exported. Fixed.

[!] Addons: Quickbooks: Product data could not be added to the exported orders file. Fixed.

[!] Addons: Quickbooks: Products were not exported from orders. Fixed.

[!] Addons: Quickbooks: The exported file contained extra blank lines. Fixed.

[!] Addons: SEO: Products: Fatal error occurred when the Out of stock notification appeared. Fixed.

[!] Addons: SEO: Storefront: The “Call to undefined function fn_seo_is_indexed_page()” fatal error randomly occured. Fixed.

[!] Addons: SEO: Support multi-language URLs: seo name was incorrect for Thai language. Fixed.

[!] Addons: Store import: If the company ID was not specified in the Extra field of the order_details table, during the import from CS-Cart Professional a notification was shown. Fixed.

[!] Addons: Store import: Shipment carrier was imported incorrectly. Fixed.

[!] Addons: Store import: An SQL error was shown during import process if langvar name contain quote. Fixed.

[!] Design: Top menu: Styles of the top menu were incorrect in Internet Explorer 7. Fixed.

[!] Admin panel: A JavaScript error occured on the Product Features/Options/Products pages when a popup dialog was opened if the main store language was French. Fixed.

[!] Categories: An error message was shown on the categories page when the save button was clicked. Fixed.

[!] Companies: Vendor list in the product filter was not sorted alphabetically. Fixed.

[!] Core: Database: The function fn_check_db_prefix did not replace all table prefixes if more than one table names were in query. Fixed.

[!] Core: IDN support: Storefront URL in the post-installation welcome text was not converted back from Punycode. Fixed.

[!] Core: The function fn_get_product_filter_name did not work properly when an array of filter IDs was passed. Fixed.

[!] Currencies: Primary currency could be deleted by following a direct link. Fixed.

[!] Design: Theme editor: Background patterns were not applied on the full page height. Fixed.

[!] Design: Theme editor: Gradient did not work in Internet Explorer 9. Fixed.

[!] Export/import: Product images with external URLs were not imported. Fixed.

[!] File uploader: A PHP error notification was shown when uploading file with incorrect MIME extension. Fixed.

[!] File uploader: A PHP error notification was shown when files were uploaded via URL. Fixed.

[!] Images: All product thumbnails were removed when a new image for a new product was uploaded. Fixed.

[!] Multi-Vendor: Export/import: Products: The categories field was empty if products were exported by a vendor admin. Fixed.

[!] Multi-Vendor: Export/import: Vendor could add a category on product import. Fixed.

[!] Multi-Vendor: Payment methods: PayPal: Order could not be placed, if there were products from different vendors in the cart. Fixed.

[!] Multi-Vendor: Shipments: Products were not shown for vendors when creating a shipment. Fixed.

[!] Orders: Tracking number could not be saved with the Allow users to create shipments settings disabled. Fixed.

[!] Payments: Amazon checkout: Wrong OrderCalculationsResponse XML format was generated. Fixed.

[!] Payments: PayPal Express Checkout: The PayPal error 10413 occured when a product with a discount was bought. Fixed.

[!] Product options: When an option was created, the Inventory parameter was disabled by default. Fixed.

[!] Shipping methods: Package weight included only the first product weight. Fixed.

[!] Shipping methods: Product package weight was calculated twice. Fixed.

[!] Shipping methods: USPS: First-Class Mail® International Large Envelope** service always returned N/A result when MailType was equal to “Envelope”. Fixed.

[!] Translations: PO Parser crashed when parsing a broken PO file or non-po file. Fixed.

[!] {#4515} Users: Registration: The password mismatch message was incorrect. Fixed.

[!] {#4525} Addons: Social link: Email: The e-mail body contained no line break. Fixed.

[!] {#4526} Menu: Products: Current category was not highlighted when browsing a product. Fixed.

[!] {#4528} Settings: Missing tooltips restored.

[!] {#4533} Design: Theme editor: Top panel styles were incorrect. Fixed.

[!] {#4533} Design: Theme editor: Backgrounds: Background could not be changed with an uploaded image. Fixed.

[!] {#4549} Addons: Store import: Tracking number was imported incorrectly. Fixed.

[!] {#4550} Menus: Manage items: Impossible to choose a category or page for the submenu generation when editing the menu element. Fixed.

[!] {#4553} Layouts: User-defined CSS class for containers was not saved. Fixed.

[!] {#4556} API: Product additional image alt text could not be saved. Fixed.

[!] {#4572} Addons: Data feed: Export/import: The export of products did not work. Fixed.

[!] {#4275} Core: Http: ability to send post-requests with query string in URL was restored.

[!] {#4576} Design: Admin panel: Extra bracket was shown in the Dashboard if two currencies were picked. Fixed.

[!] {#4583} Addons: Image zoom: Styles of the lens zoom size mode were incorrect. Fixed.

[!] {#4606} Currencies: The order of the currencies could not be changed. Fixed.

[!] {#4614} Export/import: Products: An empty product image link was created for a product with unspecified image link. Fixed.

[!] {#4633} Export/import: Orders: The order creation data was not imported. Fixed.