Best Ways to Have Questions Answered and Problems Solved

CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor documentation can’t answer all the possible questions. That’s when we and other users of our software can help. Below you’ll find the list of various means of communication, and what they’re good for.

  1. Help Desk is the best way for those who already bought our software. You’ll get a guaranteed reply from CS-Cart & Multi-Vendor technical support team. They’ll answer any question covered by our support policy and advise what to do in other cases.

    We investigate problems in our clients’ stores and accept store access credentials only through Help Desk. It is also one of the places where you can report suspected bugs. If our staff discover that the problem was caused by a bug in our software, support credits won’t be subtracted from your account.


    If you don’t have our software license yet, please use our contact form to get a guaranteed reply instead. Note that if your message falls under technical support, it may be redirected to Help Desk automatically.

  2. Our forum is the place where members of CS-Cart community help each other with advice voluntarily. There are many people on the forum, including those with experience in custom development and server configuration.

    Forums can help with things beyond the scope of our technical support, such as coding or changing the standard functionality of CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor.

  3. Bug tracker is where you can report bugs in our software. For more information, please refer to our bug fixing policy. You’ll be able to see the bug tracker only after you sign in to your forum account.

  4. Our marketplace of add-ons and themes has the list of third-party developers who may help you solve problems outside the scope of our technical support, or change the looks and behavior of your online store per your specifications.