How To: Display Different Banners for Different Category Pages

To display a specific banner for each category page:

Step 1. Create Banners

  • Create all necessary banners for categories:

    • In the Administration panel, go to Marketing → Banners.


      If there is no such section, make sure that the Banners management add-on has an Active status in the Add-ons → Manage add-ons section.

    • Click the + button on the right. The opened page allows to create banners.

    • In the Name input field type the name of the banner, in the Type select box select Graphic banner and upload the necessary image.

    • Click the Create button.

    • Repeat these actions to create banners for other categories.

Step 2. Create a Block for Banners

  • Go to Design → Layouts → Categories.
  • Click the + button in the necessary container and click Add block.
  • Open the Create New Block tab and in the opened section click the Banners button.
  • In the opened section, specify the name of the new block (e.g. Banners) and and click the Create button. Click on the gear icon on the created block and select:
    • Original in the Template select box.
    • Desired wrapper in the Wrapper select box.
    • Desired CSS-class in the User-defined CSS-class input field.
  • Open the Content tab and select Manually in the Filling select box.
  • Click the Save button.
Edit block

Step 3. Add Banners to Specific Categories

  • Go to Products → Categories and select the desired category.
  • Open the Layouts tab on the category details page.
  • Make sure that the Banners block is active.
  • Click on the gear icon to see the block options and open the Content tab.
  • Click the Add banners button, select the desired banners, and click the Add banners and close button.
  • Click the Save button.
  • Repeat these points for other categories.


After the block is created or changed, make sure it is displayed correctly. Sometimes not all wrappers are suitable for the blocks.