Almost 10% of CS-Cart customers want booking functionality in some capacity.

  • About half of our clients who mentioned booking sought to make an equivalent of They needed room availability tracking, seasonal pricing, and integrations with Property Management Systems to manage reservations and administrative tasks of a hotel.
  • Just as many clients wanted booking by hours, and the ability to sell both physical products and offer services.
  • There was some demand for tours and events; even things like education and food delivery sometimes got labeled as “booking”.

The niches here vary: from farming to electronics, from education to industry, from car rentals to medicine. Ultimately, you decide which features your booking marketplace needs. Whatever software you decide on, it probably won’t have everything. And that’s ok. It might be a better idea to launch the marketplace faster, get some buyers and sellers, and use their feedback to determine your next steps.

Most platforms let you add more features through extensions or plug-ins. Sometimes the booking functionality itself is an extension for a popular non-booking platform. CS-Cart just belongs to such platforms. We cannot provide you with a ready-made booking solution out of the box. However, you can find a more flexible solution by choosing the booking add-on on our Market with add-ons and themes. However, there is a more flexible way to do this—booking add-on from our Market with add-ons and themes.

There are several booking add-ons to choose from on the marketplace. Choose the solution with the best reviews and price, and download the appropriate add-on directly from the Market. Launch a flexibly configured booking system for various types of services based on CS-Cart.

CS-Cart Booking System add-on on the Market.