An order has a number of properties, represented by fields.

The full list of supported fields is given below (mandatory fields are marked with *).


Any field not listed in the table below will be ignored if occurs in an API request JSON data.

Field name Description Default value Supported values
b_address Billing address ‘’ string
b_address_2 Billing address (line 2) ‘’ string
b_city City (billing address) ‘’ string
b_country Country code (billing address) ‘’ 2-letter country code
b_country_descr Country (billing address) ‘’ string
b_firstname First name (billing) ‘’ string
b_lastname Last name (billing) ‘’ string
b_phone Phone (billing) ‘’ string
b_state State ID (billing address) ‘’ integer
b_state_descr State (billing address) ‘’ string
b_zipcode Zip code (billing address ‘’ string
discount Calculated discount value 0.00 float
display_shipping_cost Shipping cost to be displayed 0.00 float
display_subtotal Subtotal to be displayed 0 float
doc_ids IDs of credit memo and invoice {} JSON object
ip_address Customer IP addess ‘’ valid IP address
is_parent_order Multi-Vendor only: Flag, defines if the order is a parent order N
issuer_id ID of the admin who created the order via the admin panel integer
lang_code Language code Default language code
localization_id Localization ID 0 integer
need_shipment Flag, defines if the order needs shipment N
notes Notes ‘’ string
order_id Order ID Set automatically integer
parent_order_id Multi-Vendor only: ID of the parent order 0 (no parent) integer
payment_id Payment ID integer
payment_info Payment info ‘’ string
payment_method Payment method See Payment methods
payment_surcharge Payment surcharge 0.00 float
products Products in the order {} See Products
promotion_ids Comma-separated promotion list ‘’ string
promotions Promotion list [] array of promotions
repaid For repayable orders: Flag, defines if the order is repaid 0
s_address Shipping address ‘’ string
s_address_2 Shipping address (line 2) ‘’ string
s_city City (shipping address) ‘’ string
s_country Country code (shipping address) ‘’ 2-letter country code
s_country_descr Country (shipping address) ‘’ string
s_firstname First name (shipping) ‘’ string
s_lastname Last name (shipping) ‘’ string
s_phone Phone (shipping) ‘’ string
s_state State ID (shipping address) ‘’ integer
s_state_descr State (shipping address) ‘’ string
s_zipcode Zip code (shipping address ‘’ string
shipment_ids Shipment IDs ‘’ Comma-separated list of shipment IDs
shipping Shipping {} See Shipping methods
shipping_cost Shipping cost 0.00 float
shipping_ids Comma-separated list of shipping IDs ‘’ string
status Order status (single letter) ‘O’ See Statuses
subtotal Subtotal 0.00 float
subtotal_discount Subtotal discount 0.00 float
tax_exempt Flag, defines if tax exempt is on N
tax_subtotal Subtotal tax 0.00 float
taxes Array of tax IDs empty array array
timestamp UNIX-format timestamp Set automatically integer
total Total 0.00 float
user_id Customer ID 0 (guest customer) integer