Cannot Edit Template Files With the Template EditorΒΆ

If you can’t edit template files with the Template editor, complete the following steps:

  1. Check permissions for the design directory, all its subdirectories and files.


For you to be able to edit templates using the Template editor, permissions should be writable.

  1. Set the writable permissions for the mentioned directories and files if they are not set.
  • On a Unix-based server with terminal access, use the following command:

    chmod -R 777 design

    The command sets the 777 permissions for the design directory, its subdirectories, and all the files under these directories.


    The 777 permissions mean read, write and execute permissions for the user, user group and others. Learn more about permissions in CS-Cart documentation.

    If you do not have terminal access to your server, change file access permissions using an FTP client. Most FTP clients have the Change permissions or Change mode functions that you can use to set the permissions described above. For more detailed instructions on how to set file permissions refer to your FTP client documentation.


    Contact your hosting support team for information about proper permissions for PHP files and directories.

  • On a WINDOWS-based server, give full permissions for the files and directories to the user with the IUSR account.