How To: Set up CS-Cart with iDeal Basic

  • In the Administration panel, go to Administration → Payment methods.
  • Click the + button on the right.
  • In the opened window:
    • In the Name field type iDeal Basic.
    • In the Processor select box select iDeal Basic (ING).
    • If necessary, specify other fields and upload an icon.
  • Open the Configure tab in the same window to view the iDeal Basic settings.
iDeal Basic
  • Fill in the following fields:
    • Merchant ID — the iDeal Basic ING ID number.
    • Secret key — your secret key.
    • Language — select the language.
    • Test/Live mode — select Live mode. To use Test mode, select Test in this select box.
    • Currency — the currency in your iDeal account. If it does not match the base currency in your CS-Cart settings, please contact CS-Cart support team.
  • Click the Create button to save the changes.


Please set Notification URL to: where is the address of your store and where your_cscart_directory is the directory path relative to the web root directory.