Vendor Statuses

Vendors can have one of the following statuses:

  • New—when a customer applies for a vendor account, the newly-created vendor gets this status. The New status in not displayed anywhere. Instead of it, the Approve (thumbs up) and Disapprove (thumbs down) buttons appear next to a name of newly-created vendor.

    If a marketplace administrator approves a vendor, the vendor gets the Active status. But if an administrator decides to disapprove a vendor, this vendor gets the Disabled status.

  • Active—vendor’s administrators can work in the administration panel of the store. The products of an active vendor appear in the store, unless they require prior approval.


    When the administrator creates a vendor, the status of that vendor is set to Active.

  • Disabled—vendor’s products won’t appear in the store, and vendor’s administrators won’t be able to log in to the Administration panel.

  • Pending—vendor’s administrators can work in the Administration panel of the store, but the vendor’s products don’t appear in the store.

  • Suspended—vendor and his products won’t appear on the storefront. In the admin panel, the vendor receives a warning that his account has been suspended.


    If you have the Vendor-to-Admin Payments add-on installed in your store, the Suspended status is automatically assigned to those vendors who are in debt to the marketplace. As soon as a debtor pays off his debt, his status is automatically changed to Active.

    You can change a vendor's status in Multi-Vendor administration panel at any time.