How To: Set up Anti Fraud Add-on


CS-Cart is integrated with minFraud service that MaxMind offers. You are able to read about all features of this service here.

  • In the Administration panel, go to Add-ons → Manage add-ons.
  • Find the Anti fraud add-on. Click the Install button.


If you have it installed, make sure that its status is Active.

  • Click the gear button next to the add-on and choose Settings.
  • In the opened window enter your Maxmind license key and define the desired parameters in the following fields:
    • Safe distance (km) — Maximum number of kilometers between the billing address that the user provides and the physical location of his/her IP-address. If the detected distance fits into this value, the order will be considered non-fraudulent. According to the service, a large distance increases the risk factor.
    • Max order total — Maximum order subtotal to qualify the order as a safe one. If exceeded, the order subtotal is considered to be too large, and thus suspicious. According to the service, a large order subtotal increases the risk factor.
    • Maximum risk factor (1...100) — Decimal fraction or an integer within 1 to 100 representing the maximum risk factor. The greater the value, the higher the possibility of a fraud. If the risk factor returned by the screening service exceeds the maximum value, the order is placed with the status Open even if the transaction has been successfully processed by a payment system. The store administrator is supposed to review such an order, and manually change its status to Processed or Failed. The recommended maximum risk factor is 25.
Anti Fraud settings