Vendor Privileges


This add-on first appeared in version 4.9.1. It is available only in Multi-Vendor Plus and Ultimate.


The Vendor Privileges add-on allows you to manage user groups for vendors’ administrators: create and assign those groups, manage their privileges, and set the default user group for all new vendors.


The Vendor Privileges add-on is installed like any other add-on. Once you do it, click the add-on’s name to open its settings. The add-on has only one setting:

  • Default user group for vendors’ administrators—this setting automatically assigns all newly-created vendor administrators to the user group of your choice. That way you can create a default set of privileges that all your vendors will get.


    Changing this setting won’t affect the vendors’ administrators that already exist in your marketplace.

    Choose the default user group for all newly-created vendor admins.