Media files

All media files in CS-Cart (i.e. images, fonts, flash) are stored in the following directory:


There is a separate images directory for e-mails:


Directory structure

  • images
    • addons - all images extended by your add-on are stored in the addons/your_addon_name/ directory.
    • lib - images added by side libraries (jqueryui, for example).
    • icons - icons and gif animation (spinner or pointers, for example).
    • patterns - background images added with the Theme Editor.
  • fonts - icon fonts (see more information below).

Icon Fonts

Icon fonts are widely used in CS-Cart. Icon font - a font every symbol of which is an icon. Comparing with raster icons such approach has a number of benefits:

  • Icon fonts are displayed legible on all devices screens (including retina).
  • Icons are uploaded as one font file.
  • It is possible to choose icon size and color.
  • It is possible to apply modern CSS styles to an icon: shadows, transformations, and animation.

To make working with icons simple the Icomoon service is used in CS-Cart. Further we will describe how to add and edit icons.

  • Go to
  • Run the application clicking IcoMoon App.
  • Choose the desired icons and click the Font button below.
  • Click the Download button below to download an archive.
  • Unpack an archive to the following directory of your CS-Cart installation: design/themes/your_theme_name/media.
  • Copy the contents of the icomoon/fonts directory to the design/themes/your_theme_name/media/fonts directory.
  • Rename the style.css in the icomoon directory to the custom_icons.less file and copy it to design/themes/your_theme_name/css/tygh.
  • Include the custon_icons.less file in the styles.less file with the @import directive:
@import "custom_icons.less";
  • Change the paths to the fonts and class names in the tygh/custom_icons.less file, if needed.
  • Now, to use these icons in your text, you just have to create the html element of this type: <i class="icon-user"></i> in the desired part of the text, where icon-user is the corresponding icon class.