Marketplace Performance Booster


This add-on doesn’t come with CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor by default. You can buy it separately in our Marketplace.

Multi-Vendor by itself works well with thousands and hundreds of thousands of products. But when there are many products and customers, every bit of optimization helps. And if you plan to grow your business to the scale of Amazon, eBay, or Shopclues, with millions of products and customers, extra optimization becomes a necessity.

Marketplace Performance Booster was designed to make your marketplace faster. This add-on:

  • speeds up page loading on repeated visits up to 25 times;
  • allows your store to withstand a higher load when multiple potential customers browse your site.

Faster loading of pages can increase conversion. The ability to withstand a higher load may reduce your server expenses.

How It Works

When a customer opens a page, Multi-Vendor has to generate it first. If another customer opens the page at the same time, it will be generated for him or her as well. Normally, this isn’t a problem. But if you have a large database (usually with hundreds of thousands of products), and too many customers are viewing pages at once, your marketplace may slow down or even crash.

With this add-on, a generated page is cached (saved to memory). When other customers open the same page later, it will be loaded from memory. This is much faster and easier on the server than generating the page again.

This technology is called full-page caching.