How To: Move Your Store to Another Directory on the Same ServerΒΆ

To move your store to another directory on the same server, complete the steps below:

  1. Open the Administration panel of your store.

  2. Under Administration β†’ Stores, choose a store, and replace the Storefront URL value with the new one.


    Skip step 2 if you use Multi-Vendor.

  3. Move all the files of your store to the new directory on the server.

  4. In this directory, open the config.local.php file.

  5. Find the following part of the code:

    // Host and directory where the store is installed on no-secure server
    $config['http_host'] = '';
    $config['http_path'] = '/your_store_directory';
    // Host and directory where the store is installed on secure server
    $config['https_host'] = '';
    $config['https_path'] = '/your_store_directory';
  6. Replace your_store_directory with the name of the directory where you moved the files of your store.

  7. Save the file.

  8. If the SEO add-on is enabled, open the .htaccess file located in the root directory of your store.

  9. Find the following line of code there:

    # RewriteBase /subdirectory
  10. Replace the line with the following one:

    RewriteBase /subdirectory


    Remember to replace /subdirectory with the directory path to which you have moved the files of your store. For example, if your store URL was, and you changed it to, the path will be /new_collection/shop.

    If you move your store to the web root directory, the line of code above should look like this:

    RewriteBase /
  11. Save the file.

  12. Clear the cache before starting to work with your store.


    To clear the cache via the Administration panel, go to Administration β†’ Storage β†’ Clear cache. If you can’t access the Administration panel, clear the cache manually by deleting the var/cache directory of your store.