How To: Display Your Bank Details at CheckoutΒΆ

To display some additional payment information during checkout (e.g. your bank details):

  • In the Administration panel, go to Administration β†’ Languages β†’ Translations.
  • Click the + button and add a new language variable (e.g. bank_details) using the form in the popup window. Enter your banking details into the Value field (HTML tags are supported), and click the Create button.
  • Create the bank_wire_transfer.tpl file with the following content on your local computer:
  • Upload the created file into the design/themes/[CUSTOMER_ACTIVE_THEME]/templates/views/orders/components/payments directory of CS-Cart installation on your server, where [CUSTOMER_ACTIVE_THEME] is an active theme of your storefront.
  • In the Administration panel, go to Administration β†’ Payment methods and open the settings of the desired payment method, i.e. Bank wire transfer (create it if necessary).
  • Select bank_wire_transfer.tpl in the Template select box in the opened popup window.
  • Click the Save button to save the changes.
  • Open the storefront and go to checkout. Select the payment method in the Billing options section. The banking details should be displayed below the payment method name.

To add your bank details to a printable/email invoice:

  • Open the invoice.tpl file located in the design/themes/[CUSTOMER_ACTIVE_THEME]/mail/templates/orders directory.
  • Enter your banking information below the following line:
{* /Order totals *}

and save the file.

Your banking information will be displayed on the invoice after a customer placed an order and will be sent to this customer’s e-mail.


All customers will get e-mail with your banking information despite of chosen payment method.