Ping++ Payments

Ping++ is a Chinese payment aggregator. Payment aggregators collect online payments made via different channels on merchant’s behalf. That allows merchants to offer multiple payment channels to customers, while dealing only with one organization (the aggregator itself). Otherwise a merchant would have to integrate each of these payment systems separately.

The Ping++ Payments add-on allows you to accept payments via Alipay, WeChat, Baifubao, China Unionpay, and many others. After you install the add-on, you’ll be able to select the payment channels you need when configuring the aggregator.

Installing the Add-on


The Ping++ Payments add-on is available in CS-Cart starting from version 4.7.1.

  1. In the Administration panel go to Add-ons → Manage add-ons.
  2. Switch to the Browse all available add-ons tab.
  3. Find the Ping++ Payments add-on in the list.
  4. Click the Install button right next to it.

After that you’ll be redirected to the Installed add-ons tab where the add-on will appear.

Ping++ Payments Add-on

Supported Payment Channels

Ping++ Payments supports a number of popular Chinese payment channels on both mobile platforms and computers:

  • Alipay Mobile
  • Alipay QR code
  • Alipay PC
  • WeChat
  • WeChat Lite
  • WeChat Mobile
  • WeChat QR code
  • Baifubao Mobile
  • China Unionpay Mobile
  • China Unionpay PC
  • Yeepay
  • Jdpay
  • Fqlpay;
  • QGBC