The mail directory located in design/themes/your_theme_name contains the templates and media files of emails.

Email templates are based on Smarty. Working with them is similar to working with the templates of the theme itself.

CS-Cart uses the send method of the Mailer class to send emails. One of the parameters passed to the method is the email template:

'tpl' => 'addons/call_requests/call_request.tpl',


Learn more about how emails are sent in this article.

Directory Structure

  • media:

    • images—contains the images used in email templates. Use the {$images_dir} variable to insert images from this folder. For example:

      <img src="{$images_dir}/[file_name]" />
  • templates:

    • addons—contains the email templates of add-ons. Each add-on has its own folder, so the full path looks like this: templates/addons/[add-on_name]/.
    • buttons—contains the templates of buttons.
    • common—contains the templates of elements common for multiple email templates. For example, letter_header.tpl, letter_footer.tpl.
    • orders—contains the templates of emails related to orders: notification, invoice, printable invoice, download link for a downloadable product, tracking information.
    • product—contains the templates of emails related to products: the back in stock notification.
    • promotions—contains the templates of emails related to promotions.
    • shipments—contains the templates of emails related to shipments.

Email Structure

Every email consists of at least 2 .tpl files: email subject and email body. The template file of email subject has the same name as the email body template, but with the added _subj suffix.

For example:

  • templates/promotions/give_coupon.tpl—email body.
  • templates/promotions/give_coupon_subj.tpl—email subject.