Stop WordsΒΆ


This article is no longer supported. Read the Searchanise documentation for the latest information.


This section is available only in Searchanise Pro.

Stop words are special words that are disregarded during search (learn more on Wikipedia).

By default, such words as a, the, and some prepositions are added to the stop word list. In this tab, you can add your own stop words.

To add a new stop word:

  1. On the Stop words tab, click the green + button
  2. Type the term in the Stop word column.
  3. Click the Save items button.


Note that the new stop word will become available in the storefront only after the indexation is complete.

To delete a stop word:

  1. Choose the checkboxes of the desired words in the Delete row and click the Delete selected button.
  2. In the opened window click OK to confirm the action.