How To: Add a New Block to the Storefront


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To create a new block:

  • In the Administration panel, go to Design → Layouts.
  • Click the + button in the necessary container and click Add block. Open the Create New Block tab and click the desired block type button.
  • In the opened window enter the block name, select the desired template in the Template select box.
Add block
  • Open the Content tab and select the desired filling type in the Filling select box.
  • Click the Create button.
  • Click on the gear icon of the created block and do the following:
    • Specify the desired css-class in the User-defined CSS-class input field.
    • Select desired wrapper in the Wrapper select box.
    • Click the Save button to save the changes.
Edit block
  • Drag and drop your block if you want to change its position relatively to other blocks.