How To: Manage Add-ons

The Addons → Manage add-ons section contains a list of installed add-ons in the Installed add-ons tab, a list of add-ons available for installation in the Browse all available add-ons tab, and a few control elements to manage add-ons.

The Manage add-ons section

Enabling/disabling add-ons

To turn an add-on on or off, click on the current add-on status to expand a list of applicable statuses and select the required one.

Enable/Disable add-ons

Configuring add-ons

For some add-ons you can adjust specific options and preferences.


Add-ons that cannot be highlighted with a mouse do not have editable parameters and cannot be configured.

To configure an add-on:

  • Click the gear button near the add-on status and choose Settings. This will open a form containing editable parameters.
  • Edit the values of the fields in the form.
  • Click Save to apply the changes.

Uploading add-ons from archive


Only the root administrator can upload add-ons from archive. The + button is not displayed for other types of administrators.


The root administrator is the default administrator that is created by the system after the CS-Cart installation process has finished. You can check whether you administrator account is root or not. Find the cscart_users table in the database and make sure that the is_root field for your administrator account is set to Y.

To upload a new add-on:

  • Click the + button in the right upper corner of the page.
  • In the opened pop-up window choose whether to upload a file from the local computer (Local) or the server file system (Server). You can also specify URL to a remote location, where the required archive is physically located. Pay attention, that the add-on archive must be in tgz, gz or zip format.
  • Click Upload & install.
Upload an add-on


Before uploading an add-on from archive make sure that there is no such an add-on among the modules available for installation in the Browse all available add-ons tab.