The Twigmo add-on is deprecated. If you need to manage your store from a mobile device, we recommend Mobile Admin App.

Use this add-on to connect your store to the Twigmo service. This service enables you to control your online store from your mobile phone. Once connected, the module will process requests sent from this service and return the requested information, and you will be able to review the sales statistics and recent orders as well as searching and editing the most important data - products, orders, and customers - just looking at and touching the screen of your mobile phone.


Furthermore, this add-on equips your store with a special storefront designed for mobile devices. When this option is enabled, the store automatically detects the type of device from which a customer has opened the store in the web browser, and switches the storefront in accordance. This means that your customers will fill perfectly comfortable whether they browse your online store from a desktop/laptop computer or a cutting-edge mobile device.

Here you can learn more about the Twigmo service features.