Call Requests

This add-on adds a Buy now with 1-click button on a product details page in the storefront. When a customer clicks the button, a popup window with a short contact form appears. As a store admin, you will see the list of call requests in the Orders → Call requests section of the administration panel with detailed information about each request.

Buy now with one click

Also, you can add the Call requests block to the storefront in the Design → Layouts section. When clicking the Request call link on the storefront, customers will also see a form where they can type their name, phone, and a period of time convenient for a call.

Products added to a customer’s cart will be mentioned in the created call request in the Orders → Call requests section.

Request a call


To manage these settings, go to the Add-ons → Manage add-ons section and click on the name of the Call requests add-on.

  • Phone from settings - Phone number defined in the Company phone field in Settings → Company.
  • Rewrite phone - Replace the Phone from settings number with the one given in this field.
  • Highlight first chars - Number of symbols in the phone number to be highlighted as country code, area code, or phone prefix.
  • Phone mask - Leave empty to use automatic country-based phone pattern, or type in a custom pattern. You can use spaces, commas, +, -, and digits. Note that 9 represents any digit; if you need a 9, type \9.


Examples: +9 (999) 999 99 99, 99999999, 999 999 99, or +99-99-9999-9999.

  • Enable the “Buy now with one click” option - If selected, a Buy now with 1-click button will be displayed on a product details page in the storefront.
  • Order status - Status of the newly created order, when a customer sends a call request.