CS-Cart 4.18.1 Changelog

New Features and Improvements

[+] Admin panel: Styles have been changed, navigation has been improved, and filters have been added to the product list.

[+] Settings: Thumbnails: Added ability to limit the file size for uploaded images to improve performance.

[+] Add-ons: PayPal Checkout: Added customization of additional payment methods and the appearance of buttons.

Functionality Changes

[*] Multi-Vendor: Add-ons: Common products: Promotions: The common product promotion discount now applies to all vendor offers.

[*] Add-ons: Product variations: Performance improved for a large number of variations when the “Show all possible feature variants” setting is enabled.

[*] Core: PHP library aws-sdk-php was updated to version 3.297.2 with its dependencies.

[*] Payments: Sage Pay was renamed to Opayo and updated in accordance with the technical requirements to ensure that it continues working.

[*] Upgrade center: The timeout for downloading update packages was increased. The ability to change this value via tweak was added.

Bug Fixes

[!] API: Requests for PHP 8.1 versions generated Deprecated authorization errors. Fixed.

[!] Add-ons: Call requests: A vendor did not have an option to assign responsible for a call request. Fixed.

[!] Add-ons: Call requests: Products from the cart were not displayed in the generated call request. Fixed.

[!] Add-ons: Call requests: The phone number was not displayed on the storefront. Fixed.

[!] Add-ons: Comments and reviews: Design: The block with reviews did not scroll. Fixed.

[!] Add-ons: Comments and reviews: SEO: An error occurred when viewing a product with reviews without evaluation. Fixed.

[!] Add-ons: Google reCAPTCHA: A PHP error occurred on the add-on’s detailed page when it was disabled. Fixed.

[!] Add-ons: HiDPI displays support: Lazy thumbnails: Large thumbnails were not generated on devices with high display resolutions. Fixed.

[!] Add-ons: Import from Shopify: Features could be duplicated by import. Fixed.

[!] Add-ons: Landing pages from Tilda: Notifications of successful form submission were displayed incorrectly in some cases. Fixed.

[!] Add-ons: Maps and geolocation: Yandex: An error occurred when entering an address in the search field. Fixed.

[!] Add-ons: PayPal Checkout: Sometimes it was impossible to pay for an order in a non-primary currency. Fixed.

[!] Add-ons: Product variations: Importing one product from a variation did not create a variation group. Fixed.

[!] Add-ons: Product variations: The pop-up for adding variations didn’t open when there were a large number of them. Fixed.

[!] Add-ons: Product variations: There was an error when changing product variations to those already in the cart. Fixed.

[!] Add-ons: RMA: eBay synchronization: Price list: E-mail marketing: Deprecated PHP errors could occur when operating add-ons on PHP version 8.1. Fixed.

[!] Add-ons: Reward points: Order management: When editing the order without making any changes, the record of points being awarded and deducted from the user was duplicated. Fixed.

[!] Add-ons: Vendor locations [Beta]: Yandex: An error occurred when entering an address in the search field. Fixed.

[!] Add-ons: Vendor plans: Categories: Exim: Products with categories that have duplicates by name and are allowed by vendor plan could be skipped during import. Fixed.

[!] Add-ons: Warehouses: Common products for vendors: The common products were displayed incorrectly on the storefront when there were product offers distributed across warehouses. Fixed.

[!] Bottom toolbar: Error notification displayed after switching from storefront to admin panel with bottom panel. Fixed.

[!] Checkout: “Zero price action” didn’t apply (or un-apply) when a product price was changed from 0 or to 0 while a customer already had the product in cart. Fixed.

[!] Checkout: When changing the payment method, the checked checkboxes of the terms of use agreements were reset. Fixed.

[!] Dashboard: Date Range Picker: The date range picker did not allow selecting a range greater than 1 year. Fixed.

[!] Design: Mobile view: Checkout: The pick-up point selection was not working correctly. Fixed.

[!] Design: Part of the font link was cut off when added to less. Fixed.

[!] E-mail notifications: RTL: The product name and options were displayed incorrectly. Fixed.

[!] Export/Import: Products were not imported if the last field in the file was the language code. Fixed.

[!] Export/Import: Vendors: Translations for some vendor fields were not filled by import. Fixed.

[!] Mobile application: Languages: The “mobile_select_pickup_item” language variable was not translated into other languages on the shipping selection page at checkout. Fixed.

[!] Mobile application: Stripe payments: The mobile app displayed unsupported payment methods such as Apple Pay and Google Pay. Fixed.

[!] Multi-Vendor Plus: Add-ons: Common Products for vendors: Storefronts: Administrators: Common products were displayed in the list of items on sale. Fixed.

[!] Multi-Vendor Ultimate: Export/Import: The storefront administrator could export and import orders from other storefronts. Fixed.

[!] Multi-Vendor: Add-ons: Common Products for Vendors: Product Variations: Export/Import: An error occurred when updating variations with a changed variation group code during importing. Fixed.

[!] Multi-Vendor: Add-ons: Common products: Promotions: The catalog incorrectly displayed a discount on a common product. Fixed.

[!] Multi-Vendor: Add-ons: Product variations: Vendor data premoderation: An error occurred while moderating products. Fixed.

[!] Multi-Vendor: Add-ons: Stripe payments: Stripe Checkout: Orders from several vendors were placed with Open status after payment. Fixed.

[!] Multi-Vendor: Add-ons: Stripe payments: Stripe Connect payments: In some cases, records of vendor balance refill were duplicated. Fixed.

[!] Multi-Vendor: Add-ons: Vendor-to-admin payments: Stripe payments: Stripe Connect payments: In some cases, records of vendor balance refill were duplicated. Fixed.

[!] Options: Pages of products with a large number of options and forbidden combinations took too long to load. Fixed.

[!] Storefronts: Bottom toolbar: Bottom panel storefront link could lead the administrator to incorrect storefront after editing blocks on “Layouts” page. Fixed.

[!] Storefronts: Layouts: Themes: Current storefront wasn’t highlighted in storefront picker on layouts page. Fixed.

[!] Storefronts: Products: An Ajax error occurred when adding an item to a cart with a slow internet connection. Fixed.

[!] Storefronts: Removal of storefronts with a large number of other storefronts and layouts took too long. Fixed; now removal is 2-3 times faster.

[!] Storefronts: Vendors: An error occurred when merging vendors if there were multiple storefronts. Fixed.

Service Packs


[+] Add-ons: Mobile application: Firebase push notification API has been updated to HTTP v1.