Image Zoom Add-on SettingsΒΆ

  • Opacity - Opacity of tint for the product picture. Define any value between 0 and 1. If 0, no tint will be visible.
  • Animation time - Duration of the animation effects in milliseconds. The more the value, the slower the zoom picture appears on the screen.
  • Color - Color to use for the tint effect.


Color must be defined as hexadecimal HTML color from #000000 for black to #FFFFFF for white.

  • Zoom position - Specifies position of zoom window. Numeric (0-15) positions are relative to page image as shown by the following key (blue squares represent zoom window):
Image Zoom positions
  • Zoom size mode - Defines the rule for sizing the zoom window and lens: Image - Zoom window will match small image; Lens - CSS of lens (.cloudzoom-lens) has priority, zoom window will be adjusted; Zoom - CSS of zoom window (.cloudzoom-zoom) has priority, lens will be adjusted; Full - Zoom window will maximise to full size of zoom image.
  • Caption position - Position of the image caption: Top or Bottom.
  • Ease time - Number of milliseconds of mouse easing movement of zoom image. The bigger the number, the more easing. Zero means no easing.
  • Zoom fly out - If selected, the flying zoom animation is enabled.