How To: End eBay Sales


If you want to resume selling a product or several products after you end their eBay sales, you’ll have to relist them.

Ending eBay Sales for an eBay Template

  1. Go to Marketing → eBay templates → Manage.

  2. Click the gear button next to the template.

  3. Choose End eBay sales.

    It takes two clicks to end eBay sales of all products under the specific template.

Ending eBay Sales for Specific Products

  1. Go to Marketing → eBay → eBay products.

  2. Select the products by clicking on them.

  3. Click the gear button.

  4. Choose End eBay sales.

    Select the products that you don't want to sell on eBay anymore and click End eBay sales.

Resuming eBay Sales

To resume the eBay sales after you ended them, revise the desired eBay templates or particular products on eBay. This resets the listing duration of the products.


Using the Export/Revise products on eBay button for the products or templates after you ended their eBay sales will relist those products/templates.