This section is available only in Searchanise Pro.

A search term synonym is another search term, which, when searched, is treated like the search term itself.

For example, declare a synonym for the word ipad to be tablet. When the word tablet is searched in the storefront, the search results will be the same as if the word ipad was searched. In both cases, the result for ipad will be returned.


Note that this will work differently in reverse: if you set ipad to be a synonym for tablet, then both searches will return the result for tablet.

Here is how you can define a synonym for the search term ipad:

  1. On the Synonyms tab, click the green + button.
  2. Check Add to the suggestion list if you want to guarantee that this search term is suggested.
  3. In the Synonyms, comma-separated column, type tablet.
  4. Click the Save items button.


The new synonym will become available in the storefront only after the indexation is complete.

To search for a particular search synonyms, type it in the Search synonyms field and click the Filter button.

To delete a synonym:

  1. Choose the checkboxes of the desired synonyms in the Delete row and click the Delete selected button.
  2. In the opened window click OK to confirm the action.