If SEO Does Not Work

If links do not work when the SEO add-on is enabled:

  • Check whether there is the default CS-Cart .htaccess file in the root CS-Cart directory.

  • Make sure that your server supports the commands in .htaccess files:

    1. Open the .htaccess file located in the root directory of CS-Cart installation, and replace this line of the code:

      DirectoryIndex index.html index.php

      with the following one:

      DirectoryIndex store_closed.html index.php
    2. Save the file.

    3. Open your storefront (the URL should be http://www.your_domain.com/your_cscart_directory/; replace your_domain.com with the name of your domain, then replace your_cscart_directory with the name of the directory on your server where CS-Cart is installed). If you see the store closed page, it means that commands in .htaccess files are supported on your server. If you do not see this page, contact your server administrator.

  • SEO uses the mod_rewrite Apache module of your server. Check whether this module is installed on the server:

    1. Log in to the administration panel of your store and go to Administration → Logs.
    2. Click the gear button and choose PHP information from the drop-down menu. A new page that displays the result of the phpinfo PHP function will open.
    3. Search for mod_rewrite on the page. If this module is installed on your server, it should be found in the Loaded Modules section. If you could not find this module, contact your server administrator.
  • If CS-Cart is installed not in the web root directory, modify the .htaccess file located in the root CS-Cart directory and replace there the following line of the code:

    # RewriteBase /

    with this one:

    RewriteBase /your_cscart_directory

    where your_cscart_directory is the directory path relative to the web root directory.

If you checked the mentioned things and everything was okay, submit a ticket in our Customer Help Desk and provide a temporary FTP access to your server for us to investigate the problem.