The Email Marketing Add-on Settings

Go to the Add-ons → Manage add-ons section and click on the name of the Email marketing add-on to manage the following settings:


  • Newsletter checkbox on checkout - Allow users to subscribe for newsletters on checkout.
  • Double opt-in - If enabled, when subscribing a user will receive a letter suggesting to confirm subscription.
  • Send a welcome letter with the unsubscribe link - The user will receive a letter to the specified email that will contain the unsubscribe link. Using this link he/she will be able to refuse receiving newsletters.
  • Email integration provider - Choose what email integration provider to use: MailChimp or MadMimi.


  • API key - Key to access to your MailChimp account. Read more information here.
  • List - Subscriber list at MailChimp. You can find out more about the list in the MailChimp documentation.


  • E-mail - Your e-mail specified at MadMimi.
  • API key - Secret API key at MadMimi. In this article you can read information on how to find out your API key.
  • List - Subscriber list at MadMimi.